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Life happens, and when it does, we’ll be there.

Tornadoes strike with just a moment’s warning. The car in front of you swerves to avoid the deer and unfortunately, you are not as lucky. You might not know what to do in these situations, and we understand that the last thing you want to think about is “Am I covered?” At McKenzie & Crosby Insurance Agency we will help you file your claim quickly and make sure you get back up on your feet, and ready for whatever life throws at you next.

Road Side Trouble Service

Some of our companies provide road side trouble service, just in case you find yourself stranded without a spare tire, or in need of a tow. The companies that do provide this service are AAA, Auto-Owners, Foremost, Hagerty and Progressive. The road side assistance number is listed in bold under the claims service number below.

The following emergency after hour claims service lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless otherwise stated:

Making A Payment

Most companies have a variety of payment methods.

They include: payment by mail, automatic withdrawal, payment by phone and credit cards. You can always stop by the agency and make a payment. Don’t forget, some companies even give a discount when you pay the premium in full.

Over the last few years, insurance companies have become increasingly conservative in their underwriting. They are inspecting property and monitoring payment history closer than ever. This means that it has become increasingly important to pay your premium on time, and not allow your account to be canceled. Many insurance carriers will not reinstate or rewrite policies for consumers who allow their insurance to cancel. In those cases, a different, usually more expensive insurance carrier will be enlisted to write the policy.

At McKenzie & Crosby, we know that in the recent economic downturn it may be difficult to always make these potentially expensive payments, but would like to let you know paying your insurance premiums on time is an important part of building a favorable payment history.

Almost all of our companies also support payment over the internet. To access this service, click on the name of the company in its listing. Some companies may require registration in order to use their online services.

The following customer service lines are available to accept payment over the phone:

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